Upcoming events

Please check back from time to time.  We will be posting information about planning and current events here as we need to keep you informed of the important things!  

NCAnthro is pleased to announce:  Furry Castle Invasion 4 - "Island Treasures"

Where: Boldt Castle   

When: Sunday September 22, 2024        9 AM - 5 PM

We Will Meet at 9 am in Uncle Sam’s Parking lot 

Miller Avenue  (Miller Ave. IS the parking lot)

Alexandria Bay, NY

Tickets will be purchased at a group rate at 10 AM. You must  be present to be counted for a ticket.

We will be on the first Water Taxi which leaves the dock at 10:30 AM and it makes a run every 30 minutes until 6 PM.

Late arrivals will have to purchase their own tickets.

Once reopened, our Telegram Chat for the event will have further needed information pinned so it can be found easily.

GET YOUR GAME ON! NCAnthro is for our 3rd year, hosting the Cosplay / Fursuit lounge at RetroGameCon which takes place this October 11th, 12th and 13th 2024 at The OnCenter in Syracuse, NY. Please visit the RGC website to purchase your tickets! RetroGameCon