Common Questions about Furry

What is the Furry Fandom? - It is a global sub-culture of diversely creative people from every demographic and from every walk of life, that all have a love of and are dedicated to Anthropomorphic Art & Characters.

Who is a Furry? - A ‘Furry’ or 'Fur' is someone who considers themselves to be a member of the ‘Furry Fandom'. To be more accurate it should be stated as 'Furry Fan' or 'Fur Fan' but within the Fandom like everywhere else, people have adopted a lazy tongue and it has become simply 'Furry' or 'Fur' hence some of the confusion with 'non-furs', one should think of it like Star Trek fans… they may say 'Trekie' when they mean 'Star Trek Fan'.

What's with the Fursuits? - A 'Fursuiter' or 'Suiter' is a Furry that has taken their art to a cosplay level by bringing the artwork off the paper or canvas and into a material creation that they can wear for the purpose of interacting with others while portraying the character in real life.

Fursuiters are admittedly the most visible part of the Furry Fandom however, they are actually a minority within the fandom, with only around 25% of all Furries having (or even wanting) a fursuit. Fursuits are both time consuming, and expensive with costs as high as $5,000.00 and higher for these wearable works of art.

So, like all squares being rectangles, but not all rectangles being squares ... Every Fursuiter is a Furry, but not every Furry is a Fursuiter.

Is furry a sexual fetish? - No, it is not. Human beings are sexual creatures and like with any other fan interest (video games, comics, etc.) there are sexual themes present. While sexual activity with other furries is part of the sub-culture for some, most maintain a non-erotic interest in the subject. FurScience has scientific data proving the inaccuracy of the stigma about Furries:

What is FurScience - Furscience is the public face of the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP), a multidisciplinary team of scientists studying the furry fandom. Asking psychological, anthropological, and sociological questions, our team examines furry culture to help both furries and non-furries better understand the furry community. They have been doing scientific research on the Furry Fandom for many years and are the best resource available for the "FACTS" about every aspect of the fandom. Please find out more about what Furry is on their website