Community News

Please check back from time to time. We will be posting information about planning and current events here as we need to keep you informed of the important things!

Good News!

NCAnthro is now a go with Retro Game Con at the Oncenter Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center! Fursuits are welcome! (but of course not required). Come support us at our debut appearance at RGC.

Retro Game Con organizers have secured a room in the Oncenters lower level for NCAnthro and possibly some other cos-players to use as a lounge / secure area. We are eager to bring some “furry diversity” to RGC by jumping on this offer.

As we are arriving very late in the cons planning we will not have any way of doing any vending this time around other than providing handouts and some Q & A abilities, but it gives us the exposure and connections needed for future planned events in partnership with RGC which they seem eager to explore with us.

Please plan out your calendar for the following dates!

Saturday October 8th 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sunday October 9th 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The price for the weekend pass is $35 / person, Children 7 and under are free.

We are asking that anyone wishing to attend to please purchase their tickets from the RGC’s ticketing site here: TICKETS

Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Once on site there will be a login for our members at our lounge in the lower level, please log-in with us as soon as possible to get the NCA Sticker added to your badge.

If you are in need of booking a hotel room, you can book through RGC’s partner hotel through the link provided on this page: HOTEL

There are other hotels available around the area as well the Marriott Syracuse Hotel is only a couple blocks from the Oncenter but has a slightly higher rate / night, hotels that are a short drive distance offer better rates.

We will be setting up a temporary Telegram Chat for those attending to join and be kept up to date on the event, please be on the lookout for that link which we will post to our Announcements Channel, this temporary chat will be deleted one week after the conclusion of RGC.

Please be aware: As we are attending as NCAnthro our Code of Conduct applies during the event and in our chat / social media. Also be aware that RGC has the right to enforce their own rules that may be above and beyond those of our own. If Con Staff ask you do something to comply, please do so.

We are now officially looking for Staff Membership! If you would like to put your effort into building a stronger and inclusive Furry Presence here in the North Country consider a Staff position on an up and coming organization that is centered on building our community. All positions are in need of staffing, now is the time to snag you preferred position! Please find the link to our Staff Application on our About Us page HERE .

There is something in the misty depths of thought and it IS growing! We are planning another great Furry Event! Details are being worked out and at this point are NOT set in stone so we can only give a teaser by disclosing the selected location ... Lake Placid, NY. Stay tuned for more important updates as the plans coalesce. Stay SAFE, Stay FURRY!

As CDC guidelines have changed and we have a high rate of participation in Covid-19 vaccination in our community we once again are looking into event planning with a reasonable assumption that we will be able to actually hold the event in a manner that allows us the furry interaction we so much desire. Please be patient as we pick up the pieces to put the whole picture back together again!